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Services at 401

In Studio
Comprehensive ProTools HD4 System, High quality microphones, preamps, and converters are used as the front end of the recording path which is kept clean and direct to ensure the purest reproduction of your music. We can track and overdub as many tracks as a project requires. You can do as many takes as you need. Nothing is lost. Automated punch-in enables you to clean up a great take with precision. Comp tracks can be assembled that ensure the best take for each track. We are fully equipped through the use of MIDI, and all audio file types, your loops or ours, and software that includes, Reason and Ableton Live to help with song construction.

2 track live recording for immediate on-site cd delivery or multitrack (up to 32 simultaneous tracks) recording for studio mix down. Our mobile Pro Tools rig and the incomparable Sony PCM-D1 stereo recorder help bring you the finest pro-quality results. We also use the Ipad-based Auria 48 Track recording program as the Ipad is used more and more in pro-audio.

Our Yamaha 02r96 and Euphonix Artist Contollers manage fully automated ProTools editing & mix down with a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art plug-ins from Waves, TC, SPL, Slate Digital, Sony, Massenberg and Universal Audio.

Our mastering suite uses a hybrid analog/digital chain taking advantage of the strengths of each, depending on the needs of each project. Our goal is to help you assemble a richly detailed and balanced, commercially viable final project. Available delivery media include ddp, cdr, dvd, firewire/usb hard drive.

Live Sound

Our Live Sound Rig is available for shows/events/private parties of all sizes. We use state-of-the-art mics, consoles, and monitoring, and make full use of the latest trends such as full remote ipad FOH and monitor control – allowing us to achieve the best sound wirelessly from any location in the venue. Comprehensive recording services are available for all shows/events.

Additional Services

A producer, whether, a member of the band or not, is an essential partner to the recording engineer. Although we encourage you to have your own producer, professional production services are available to artists who need help in conceptualizing, planning and running their recording project.

Arranging, Scoring, Transcribing
These services are negotiated based on the complexity of what is required from simple lead sheets to fully charted arrangements.

Session Musicians
Some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest musicians are available to us for sessions on an as-needed basis.

Gig and Event Photography/Video/Post-production
We can photograph or video your band in live action and deliver raw or edited results on cd or dvd. We can also add and/or sync sound to previously shot video. Artwork, Jacket/label design CD Duplication In-house art and design services and short-run cd duplication are available on a custom basis. We can also refer you to local professional services.