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Although we do work from a basic hourly rate, most people prefer to agree up-front on a package which avoids excessive clock-watching, reduces the hourly rate, and contributes to a relaxed session for all. Each project is unique and priced accordingly, but as some guidelines are helpful, we list here block rate/package examples:

Service Cost Details
One Hour $60 Minimum 2 Hours
One Day $425 8 Hours
One Week $2,000 5 Day Lockout
5 Song Demo $1,000-$1,750 Tracking, mixing, basic mastering, price depends on complexity of session.
10 Song CD $2,500 - $4,000 Tracking, mixing, mastering.
Remote Recording Priced per Project 1. Two track live with on-site cd delivery or studio mastering 2. Multitrack, studio mixdown, mastering.

Mastering - Priced per project depending on complexity and variation in stereo files submitted. We accept Paypal