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The Studio 401
Studio 401
is a San Francisco-based pro-audio facility available for the recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, and post-production of music and spoken word of all styles – run by musicians for musicians. We work in the studio and on location. Location work is often combined with our live-sound services. We have worked with some of the Bay Area's finest musicians as well an increasing amount of international artists with recent projects in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and England. Our goal is to help you produce a high quality product whether for a demo, a live recording, a website, a radio or tv spot, or a complete CD in a friendly, supportive and relaxed environment. We also offer a range of related services such as transferring your tapes and valuable vinyl to CD with no hiss and no clicks. This web site hopes to give you enough information and good feeling so that you will come and check us out for your next project. Although we are proud of the quality and musicality of our recording equipment, ultimately we know that what matters the most to you is “Will I have a comfortable experience in creating a great sounding musical project at a price I can manage?" As you read through our services and equipment please bear in mind that we don’t mention a Neumann microphone, our range of high-end preamps, a TC reverb or Massenberg EQ to bore you with technical details, but because they bring out tremendous presence and depth in your music. We work with you as a team from the first note to the last, whether you start with us from the beginning, or bring a partially-completed project. Give us a call. Come and visit us. Tell us about your project. Let’s see how we can work together.

We track and edit in ProTools HD10 and master with a combination of Pro Tools and Wavelab.